Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Shoe Restyle

Hey everyone! Before I get to my post I just wanted to share this funny picture I found online. And no I am not feeling competitive today, I just found it funny.
Okay on to my post. My girls have been into wearing skirts a lot lately. But they are not the most modest thing to run around playing in. So I decided for this summer, instead of buying them a bunch of shorts, I'd get them some capri leggings to wear under all their skirts. That way they can run around outside without showing off their undies to everyone.

I also wanted to get them some converse style flats to wear with their skirt/leggings but without the name brand price. So I went to that store we all hate but always find ourselves it, yes you know what store I'm talking about. And I found these on sale for $5!!!
But did you notice something was missing. Yeah, no laces. My first thought was maybe that's why they were on sale but they had so many of them. How could they have so many defective pairs of shoes? So I asked the sales lady if they came with laces and she said no, they have elastic in them. Apparently it's the "trendy" thing to not have laces. I must not be very trendy cause I thought it looked a little funny. No offense to anyone who likes it.

The other problem with the shoes was the elastic. It's a great idea in theory to put elastic in the tongue to hold the shoes on, but whomever made them must not have kids. The elastic was soooooo incredibly tight I needed a crow bar just to try them on the kids.

So here's what we did. After I finally got their feet into the shoes and got the right sizes, we cut the elastic out of the tongue and laced them up with some ribbon (which I already had). Now my girls have adorable little "converse" with cute laces for only $5 each. I'm a happy mommy!


Val said...

I love the look of the ribbon for the shoe laces.

Janet said...

You are so creative! Awesome deal and great job transforming them back to their classic 'selves!


Lisa Puga said...

Hey Ms. Creativity, did you have a birthday recently? I found a little note in one of my old books with your name and a date in April. If so, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope it was a good one. If not, I probably missed it whenever it was, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY anyway.