Friday, March 2, 2012

Felt Play Mats

I made all of my kids felt play mats and they ended up being one of the most time consuming projects I have taken on. Just the gluing alone took me about 6 or 7 hours PER MAT!!!!! I told my husband if I was going to ever make these for grandkids, I'd better start now!

But they turned out great and the kids love them, so I guess it was worth it. For my little man's I did more boyish things- a police and fire station, gas station, construction site, a bank for cops and robbers. I even put a lake and an airport so if I can ever find boats or airplane toys they will have a place too.
For my girls, I tried to make theirs geared more towards their Polly's and Littlest Pet Shops. They got malls, beauty salons, carnivals, parks, etc. I even put in some places where their Littlest Pet Shops could live- pastures, forest, and a cave.
And when they want to play together, they can lay them side by side and make an even bigger town.