Saturday, January 14, 2012

Time Traveling

Do you ever feel like you make a list of all the things you're going to get done in the day and you blink and it's three months later and only the first two things are your list are done? And it's not that your list was unreasonable. It's just the cleaning, the kids, the laundry, the kids, homework, the kids, the cooking, the kids- all of it gets together and plots to make sure your list never gets done.

I feel like I'm time traveling, only everyone else's time is going faster than mine. So what I think just took me nap time to do, was really two weeks to everyone else. I hear other moms list off all the amazing things they got done that day and I just wonder, "Did she really do all that?, cause today I tried super hard and stayed on task and didn't get distracted by pinterest and was motivated and I got a load of laundry in the wash, never put it in the dryer, but it is washed!"

So to those that still read this, if there are any left, I'm sorry that I go months without posting at a time. And I know that I always say I'm going to be better, but my list just keeps getting sabotaged and blogging unfortunately gets lost in time along with so many other things on my list. But if you want to keep checking back, maybe one day, like today, I'll get far enough down my list before my time machine throws me into the future. And thanks for your patience with me.