Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Resurfacing With A Kids Craft

I know, I know. I have officially been put on the missing in action list. I went into hiding but am now resurfacing. Hehe. Actually, my brother and his daughter came in from out of state last week and well, you got neglected so I could spend time with them. Sorry about that.

But I'm back this week with some fun kids craft ideas. For my first one, we made sun catchers. My aunt always does a craft for the kids every April and October coinciding with a certain religious event. Hehe. We call it our Conference craft and it's something the kids can do between sessions.

The kids had tons of fun. Here's how they turned out:

Aren't they fun! So to make your own you will need: hand towels, wax paper, crayons, a zester, pressed flowers and leaves, foam paper, a stapler, an iron, a hole punch and ribbon.

First cut out your wax paper in the shape you want, you will need two of the same shape. Lay a hand towel on your counter. Put one wax paper shape on the towel. Now zest some of crayon around your wax paper, not a lot just some to add color. Lay out your flowers and leaves leaving enough room around the edges to make the frame. Zest some more crayon over the top. Lay the second wax paper on top. Place another towel over and iron. Do not slide the iron, just press and lift.

Now cut out a frame the same shape from your foam paper. Again cut two of the same shape. place your wax paper between the frames and staple together. Punch two holes at the top of the sun catcher and tie on the ribbon.

Pretty easy and just in time for spring.

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