Thursday, January 27, 2011

Baby Pajama Pants

My little man is growing like a weed. And he was in need of some new pajamas. Well, buying pajamas, especially for a little guy who will out grow them in two months, can be expensive. So here's what I did instead.

I like to sew. Like that was a big secret, glad I got it off my chest. Anyway, I have some great fish material leftover from a Jr. High sewing class project. I know that's a long time to hold onto material but hey. I thought it would make some cute pants for my little guy and I could just use his onesies for tops.

Well I don't have a pattern for baby pants and really don't want to buy one. Like I said, he grows like a weed and will outgrow the pattern I'm sure before I ever get my moneys worth out of it. So instead I just made my own pattern.

I took a pair of his pants that had the kind of fit I wanted and turned them inside out, putting one leg inside the other. Then I laid them on some paper and traced around them, leaving extra for seam allowances (and plenty of growing room!). Wah-la!

Once I had a pattern sewing up the pants was simple, as long as you know how to sew pants. I will be doing a pants tutorial soon, I promise. I did an elastic waist and added ribbing to the bottom for cuffs. I got two pairs out of it and there's still enough material for a third.

They turned out pretty good if I do say so myself.


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Val said...

You put us all to shame. Super cute jammie pants.