Saturday, October 8, 2011

What Snow Does To Me

My kids and I had croup last week and they missed the whole week of school. So this week I have been super busy getting them all caught up on the gops of homework they missed. But we're all caught up now so I can have my blog time back.

It has been snowing here for the last few days. I really don't like when it snows before Halloween, I hate driving in it, and I don't like the super cold. But I will say that the first snow always puts me in a very good mood. It makes me feel like Christmas and I LOVE Christmas. We've been lighting fires and drinking hot chocolate. It's so cozy. I would listen to Christmas music but my husband won't let me until after Thanksgiving. But I have started my Christmas shopping.

Every year I try so hard to get my shopping done by Thanksgiving so I can just enjoy the Christmas spirit and not feel stressed. And every year I fail, and the stress gets to me and ruins it for me. So this year I am bound and determined to make it happen.

I've made our Christmas cards. Ordered Santa presents for 2 of the 3 kids, they just better not change their minds. I talked my husbands family into drawing names early so I can get started on those too. And I've planned most of the presents, I'm just spacing them out so the financial burden gets spread out. I think this just might happen this year.

How early do you do your Christmas shopping?

Also, go visit Raising 4 Princesses. I was featured on their link party earlier this week. I've just been absentee and haven't been on to let you all know. Thanks.


Melissa said...

Jess - I start early too. I have 2 of 4 kids done. And most of the family gifts. You go girl!!

Val said...

I'm an early shopper as well. My goal was to be done by November or at least have everything ordered and planned out and then get everything wrapped and together by thanksgiving. I got it done early last year and loved the Christmas season not having to stress about stuff.