Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cleaning Products I Now Love

A friend once told me that cleaning the house with small kids is like brushing your teeth while eating an Oreo. So true and therefore I am always on the look out for things that make my job a little easier. I have recently fallen in love with a couple of products that I'd like to share with you (and no I'm not getting paid, just passing on what I've learned).

Product #1
I am super picky about how the bathrooms get cleaned, especially the toilet. I've always used Clorox toilet cleaner because anything less than bleach just never felt good enough. And my Clorox has always done a great job, until our new house. We have very very very hard water and my toilets have developed nice rings inside the the bowls that my Clorox just can't get off even with scrubbing.

So while venting to a friend about it, she recommended getting the dark blue Lysol toilet cleaner. That what she uses and she has found it great on getting that yucky ring off. When I got to the store I saw this cleaner:
It's the same as the dark blue one, but with added lime and rust remover. I decided to try it out first. And guess what, those rings I've been scrubbing at for months on end went completely away in one cleaning! Now that I've seen visible results I guess I'm proven wrong that bleach is not always best.

Product #2
We bought a new vacuum when we moved into our house. It was the Eureka Pet Pal. We don't have any indoor pets, but I shed just as much so we figured it would be good. Frankly the vacuum was horrible. It had no suction power what so ever and when we tried to get it taken care of on the warranty, Eureka gave us the run around until our warranty expired. Yeah, not impressed.

So we decided just to throw the thing away and get a new one. After reading reviews we went with the Shark Navigator Lift Away. And we have absolutely loved it! It has amazing suction- the first time I used it I filled the canister twice just in my bedroom. I know that's gross but that's how bad our other vacuum was.

It has swivel head steering, kind of like the Dyson Ball. Doing the stairs is so easy. The vacuum comes apart so that you only have to carry the canister while doing stairs instead of trying to balance the whole vacuum. It can go from carpet to hard floor, but I don't use that very often, that's just me. And it's light weight making it easier to lug around the house.
Hope those were helpful. If anyone else has any great cleaning helps, let me know. I'd love to share them with everyone.

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Val said...

I have the same problem with my tiolets so i'm going to have to try that lysol stuff out. Also, another favorite cleaning tool of mine...the magic eraser. Best think ever on everything.