Saturday, January 22, 2011

Reusing Baby Food Jars

So I know I usually take the weekends off from posting but I didn't get around to posting this yesterday so here it is:

If you have a baby at your house, you probably have a million of these:

So what do you do with them? If your like me and hate to throw them out, but are not very good at the "recycle all your trash" thing, here's an idea.

I made a few sets of these for birthday presents and had to make myself a set. Heaven's knows I need help getting organized and this was a fun way to organize all those little office supplies that you can never keep track of.

I spray painted the lids and covered the jars with cardstock. I used stamps and heat embossing to do the letters. But the possibilities are endless. You can embellish them with paper, fabric, flowers, buttons, stamps, vinyl, etching, glitter.....................................

And use them for anything that you may need a small container for. Here are some other ideas:

Turn them into spice jars and line them up on the back of your stove.

Make them into tithing jars for your kids or an achievement day activity.

My husband stole a few jars to use to keep track of all the screws while he's fixing something. Although he won't let me make those ones over.

Fill with candy for a cute treat for a friend.

What ideas can you think up? And please share. (I need ideas to use up all my jars!)


WobiSobi said...

How cut is this.. Wow so much you can do with this. Very nice

Vanessa@Southern In My Heart said...

Hi Jess! Now I'm lamenting all of those baby jars that I recycled when my kiddos were still babies! If only I had the creativity and ingenuity you have I could have done something with them. :-) This is a very cute idea and I'm so glad you shared it at Inspiration Friday this week!

Val said...

One thing I saw that was REALLy cute was to make little snow globes out of them. You buy a little figuring, get some glitter. Glue the figuring to the lid (the part that goes into the bottle), add some glitter and a bit of water. Screw the lid on and you've made yourself a little snow globe. I got the idea off of a party website. With your kid having a winter birthday too that could be a fun party craft to do. Each kid then ends up with there own little handmade snow globe.

Liz and Corey said...

You sew a lot, and I don't know if you have seen pattern weights (use instead of pins to hold the pattern in place on the fabric). I have been meaning to fill some with sand and use them as pattern weights.

⚜ ↁℯℬℬᴵℰ⚜ said...

Hi Jess, I see you are new to blogging. I found your blog through Vanessa. I am hosting a newbie linkie party on Monday, I would love to see you come. You have a fun blog!

Jennifer said...

What an awesome Idea for spices but how did you glue the paper on the jars?(what kind of glue)?