Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I'm Not As Think As You Drunk I Am

Did you know that imitation vanilla contains ALCOHOL!!!!

So I heard this once but when I checked my vanilla it didn't have alcohol so I haven't worried about it. But my massively huge alcohol free bottle of vanilla ran out (and of course I can't remember where I bought it) and so I put it on my grocery list. As I was price comparing the vanilla at the store I remembered this little piece of information and decided to check.

And sure enough all the brands of imitation vanilla at that store had alcohol. One even had 26% alcohol. That's more than a can of beer!!!!! You should have to be over 21 to buy this stuff!

Now if you're going to be cooking it, the alcohol will cook out and it's not a big deal. But what about frosting? That's not cooked. So all of those holiday cookies we all just ate were silently getting us drunk. No wonders we're always so tired after the holidays. We're recovering from hangovers.

So I ask you to go check your vanilla and let me know if it's alcohol free or if everyone at your house are slowly becoming alcoholics. Hehe! Really though leave me a comment, I'm curious how many of us have been using vanilla with alcohol without even knowing it.

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Val said...

Your so funny. No wonder we like vanilla in everything. I actually have the real stuff. But just so you know. Even the real vanilla has 10% alcohol in it.