Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Flash Backs

I have no new recipe this week and am a little behind on other posts because my kids are all sick and not much has been getting done around here. My oldest started off with a terrible cough. When I took here to the doctor I was told that 10% of kids have to be hospitalized for it. So a few days later when the baby started into it I instantly began having images of being back in the PICU.

He started coughing in the middle of the night and I was so scared that if I waited to get him into the doctor he would have to be put in the hospital. I almost took him to the ER, I was so freaked out. It's like post traumatic stress syndrome. Isn't seven months in the PICU enough for a mother? I think I've done my time!

Luckily he's not that sick. But on top of the croup we also have sinus infections and strep throat. So bare with my lack of postings while I get my kids nursed back to health.


My Garden of Eden said...

That has got to be so hard! Sorry Jess! Hope your kids get better soon!

Christina said...

No fun at all! I have heard of heart moms being treated for post traumatic stress disorder, seriously. Hope you all are feeling better soon!

Hugs & Prayers,

Val said...

I hope they recover quickly. So scary to have a little one sick. You just never know.