Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Traditions

Since I was little, one of my favorite Thanksgiving traditions is: (drum roll please)

Yes the wishbone. I am the youngest and only girl in my family so needless to say I always got the wishbone. Every year my little hand was on one side of it. And as I got older I learned how to figure out which side was going to win so I could hold that side. Oh good times!

I also love just hanging out at my Grandmas playing games with everyone and nibbling at the food all day long.

So Happy Thanksgiving to all of you (I think I only have like four followers so far, but oh well) Happy Thanksgiving to all four of you!!!!!

and I'll see you after the crazy weekend.


Steven Lester said...

I must know, since I was deprived on this wisdom while I was growing up and lost more of these tug-of-wars than win them, much to my personality's deep scarring, I'm afraid.

How does one know which side will win in wishbone pulling?

About Me said...
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