Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Jean Skirts

I have been making a lot of things lately. Unfortunately they are all for Christmas presents so most of them I can't share until after Christmas so I don't give them away. This is one however that I can share. It's for my girls and since they're little I don't have to worry about them seeing them on my blog.

My wonderfully sweet and amazing cousin (does that do you justice!) found this tutorial on how to turn your old jeans into jean skirts. My girls have been into wearing skirts a lot lately and I thought this would be a great way to take some of those jeans that still fit around the waist (they're skinny girls) but are too short and make them skirts for Christmas.

This one I did a nice hem on the bottom.
This one I put two rows of stitching around the bottom and am going to let it fray.

To get to the tutorial click here. They do a good job explaining it, better than I could do I'm sure. Just a pointer though- when you come to the step that has you unpick the side seams, don't do it just yet. I ended up not putting the inserts in the sides on these two skirts. It gives them a straighter look. Putting the inserts in will give it a more flared look, which I am planning on doing one for each of them that way too. Just don't undo the sides until you have the front and backs done and know for sure that you want the side inserts. Speaking from experience its a pain to restitch up those side seams once you've undone them.

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Val said...

Those are Super cute.