Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A New Little Sunday Suit

Have you ever had a child that grows like a weed! My little one is so tall that we go through clothes like we do diapers. He is quickly running out of things to wear. Last sunday he went to church in pants, shirt and jacket all from different outfits and they only sort of matched. So I decided it was time for some new sunday clothes.
I found a tutorial for some slacks over at MADE. I followed pretty close to what she did, just a few adjustments. One thing I added was cuffs on the bottoms. Here's what I did:
First (for each leg) cut two rectangles the width of your pants. The height should be twice the size you want for the cuff plus 1 inch. With right sides together sew the short sides of the rectangles together, making a tube.
Next, fold your tube in half, wrong sides together, matching the raw edges. Pin and iron.
Now turn your pants inside out and turn the bottom edge up 1/2 inch. Pin and iron.
Now slide pant leg inside cuff and match up the raw edges.
Pin and stitch 1/4 inch from raw edges.
Turn your pant leg right side and it should look like this:
Now fold cuff over pant leg. Pin at side seams and hand stitch to tack them in place.
I made my pockets on my pants a little big so I didn't have room to make the fake fly. And since I didn't do the fly, I left off the button on the waistband. I also meant to do belt loops but realized as I was taking the final picture that I forgot. Oh well, maybe I'll add them later.
I also decided to add buttons to the fake pockets on the back. I thought it made it look a little more dressy.
Now my little guy has pants but he still needs a top. I followed another tutorial by MADE to turn this: a sweater of mine that's too short for me
Into this: a brand new sweater for my little man
Put that together with the pants and he's ready for church on sunday!

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