Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pony Party

I really like reading the blog Make It and Love It. She used to have a Make-a-Cake series that had super cute ideas. My daughter and I were looking at some of the cakes and we came across this one (go take a look but don't forget to come back). She told me that's the one she wanted for her birthday, which by the way was still several months away. And when her birthday came, it was still all about the My Little Pony Cake.

So here was our version of the My Little Pony Party! Rainbow Dash is one of her favorite ponies so she was our main focus. Here are the invites:
For our activities we melted crayons in a mini muffin tin for our very own homemade "rainbow" crayons. We played "pin the rainbow on Rainbow Dash". Ok that was a really long name but you get the idea.
And yes we had pony rides! No, I didn't rent a pony. I'm not willing to spend that much on a birthday party. We actually have a horse and access to several others, so pony rides are kind of a normal thing for us. Sorry no pics of the pony rides (I have issues with putting pics of the kids online) but the kids had fun.

And for the crowning achievement. Our pony cake complete with Rainbow Dash on top. It was a very tall cake!
What a perfect rainbow slice!

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Val said...

You made that many different cakes for the rainbow effect on a cake??? WOW, I don't care what you say...You are superwoman and very devoted to making your daughter's birthday party one she won't forget.