Friday, March 11, 2011

My New Look

Hey, you may notice a few things different around here. I had planned on doing a sewing project today one of my kids decided it might be fun to get croup for the second time. Yay! Okay not really. Needless to say, sewing didn't happen. Instead I spent a lot of time sitting next to here on the couch. And therefore a lot of face time with the computer. I have been wanting to change a few things on my blog for a while and today worked out to be able to.

First thing, I went from three columns to two. I have been noticing a lot of blogs lately making this change. And I must say I like it. It makes it feel more relaxing and enjoyable to read because the post is not surrounded by whatevers. (I know that's not a word). So I'm trying out the two column thing. We'll see if I like it, and more importantly if you like it.

Second, I have had links to different pages in my blog on my sidebar. But being on the sidebar, I think they get lost and go unnoticed. I have been wanting to put them under my header since I made my blog, but have been unable to figure out how to make them cute like everybody elses. (Yes, I'm following the crowd again). But today I had plenty of time to browse the internet and found an easy tutorial on how to do it on The Coffee Shop Blog. YAY!!!!!! Just note, even with my "bundles" of time, I have not completely finished creating all the pages. So they are there, just empty, or needing some major revamping. I'll get to that one of these days.

And lastly, after I made the switch to two columns I decided I didn't like my post signature aligned on the left side and thought I might like to try it on the right. The original tutorial that I followed to make my signature didn't allow me to change the alignment so I found a new one at Blog Bulk. This one is just on trial, so it may not be staying. We'll see how I like it too.

Let me know how you like it. Your opinion matters, trust me. Tell me if you think I should go back to the other way, or if this way is more appealing to you. Be honest, I won't cry, I promise. (Or at least I won't cry a lot, hehe).

Have a wonderful weekend!


Rebecca Bradley said...

I'm a fairly new follower so I can't really say much, but I am a big fan of two column blogs as they feel less overpowering and to me, have a simpler look. I like this. It looks great!

My Garden of Eden said...

Looks great Jess!!!

Lisa Puga said...

Jess, you are so cute - and your blog rocks!